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Top 5 Mid-range and Affordable Accommodation in Toledo

1. The Zocodover Inn ****

The Zocodover Inn is the most famous inn in the city, with its charm and central location making up for a lack of luxury.


2. Sercotel San Juan de los Reyes ****

Having been converted from a former flour mill, the Sercotel San Juan de los Reyes is ideal for events. It even features acoustic partitioning to create the right space for your special occasion.


3. Abad Hotel ****

Having been a forge back in the 19th-century, the Abad Hotel may be short on luxury. However, it has a cosy atmosphere and elegant décor, with impressive views of the Tajo river.


4. Hotel María Crisina. ***

Hotel María Crisina has an ever-changing past. This hotel started out in the 15th century as a hospital before being converted into an orphanage in the 19th century, finally becoming a hotel with private parking many years later.


5. The Mozarab’s House

This house used to be the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Mozarab Gentlemen back in the 16th century. It has since been converted into a set of apartments catering to tourists, and has even been declared a place of cultural interest!


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