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Top 5 Luxurious and Grand Accommodations in Toledo

1. El cigarral de las Mercedes *****

This award-winning hotel has 17 different rooms and four apartments with a garden and Jacuzzi. It is located three kilometres from Toledo in the middle of nature.


2. El Parador ****

This hotel is housed in an impressive building and affords the best views of Toledo.


3. The Cardinal’s Hacienda ****

The Toledo Palace has retained its 18th century structure and some personal elements from its first owner, Cardinal Lorenzana.


4. Antídoto Rooms

These rooms are in a 16th-century building with 1st-century Roman remains and 7th-century Arab walls, that has now been renovated in a modern style that still respects the past.


5. Valdepalacios *****

Valdepalacios not only has a Michelin-starred restaurant, but also lays on various activities. It is located on the Oropesa highway to the Arzobispo bridge, Km. 9 Torrico


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