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Top 5 Mid-range and Affordable Dining in Madrid

1. Dstage

Chef Diego Guerrero deploys his creative flair to craft his signature dishes at Dstage. This restaurant with an industrial decor features an open-plan kitchen for you to see your dishes as they are prepared.


2. Sudestada Restaurant

For those interested in Asian cuisine with a modern, minimalist touch, Sudestada Restaurant is well worth checking out.


3. Yakitoro Restaurant

Fusion is becoming increasingly popular, and if you mix Spanish and Japanese cuisine, you'll get the fabulous creations of Alberto Chicote at Yakitoro Restaurant.


4. Arriba Restaurant

Ramón Freixa is well known for his creative cuisine made from high-quality ingredients. The Arriba Restaurant is a shining example of this.


5. Chifa

This small restaurant with wooden tables reminiscent of Fifties American diners serves dishes featuring Peruvian and Asian fusion cuisine. This popular culinary style is known as Chifa, hence the name of the restaurant.