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Top 5 Mid-range and Affordable Accommodations in Madrid

1. Óscar Hotel ***

This is one of the renowned Room Mate chain hotels located in the centre of the Chueca neighbourhood. It features an outdoor pool and rooftop terrace.


2. Las Letras Hotel ****

As one may guess by its traditional decor, Las Letras Hotel remains faithful to the essence of early 20th-century hospitality. Previously favoured by the rich and famous for decades, it is now affordable to the masses in the modern era.


3. Sidorme Fuencarral Hotel ***

Some of the best Spanish interior designers have worked on decorating this modern, avant-garde hotel. The vertical garden in its courtyard is a splendid sight to behold.


4. Vincci Capitol Hotel ****

This hotel has come to symbolise the city as its façade proudly bears a legendary Schweppes advertisement, which has been reproduced thousands of times in art and cinema.


5. Emperador Hotel

Conveniently located on the city’s main street, this is a truly elegant hotel. Its pool is one of the most well-known and envied of the capital.