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From Christmas to the Procession of the Kings: What is there to know?

Late December: Christmas and the New Year

There can be little doubt that Christmas is the star of December for the primarily Catholic Spaniards. Though an organised religious celebration, most Spanish people celebrate at home in their own way, some more religiously than others. Families typically gather for dinner on Christmas Eve and lunch on Christmas Day. And when the year draws to a close, a dinner together on New Year's Eve is customary with 12 grapes being eaten to celebrate the coming year.


Early January: the Procession of the Kings

On 5 January, you can enjoy the traditional Procession of the Kings. Taking place throughout Spain, the biblical Three Kings parade through all the main streets, handing out toys and sweets to everyone.

Given these customs, children are, naturally, at the centre of the action, making the event a must for family travellers!

For adults, if you find yourself in Madrid, January is a good time to visit the city’s various museums – especially the Prado, one of the world’s largest art galleries. It is customary for temporary exhibitions to open at this time of the year.