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Football is said to have replaced religion as new opium of the people. In Spain people are very passionate about the sport.
Religious Sites

Cathedrals in Spain

The Sagrada Família in Barcelona is neither the largest church in Spain nor does it attract the most visitors, yet it is one of the most fascinating.
Spain has produced many celebrated artists and the country’s art stretches back into prehistory.
Partially a peninsula, Spain has almost 1,500 kilometres of coastline and more than 130 Blue Flag beaches.
From towering mountains to deep ravines, from beaches to wetlands, and from lakes to volcanic landscapes, Spain's 14 national parks stretch across over 325,000 hectares and feature an incredible diversity of scenery and attractions.
Spain does not have just one culture – it has many. Its history has brought together kingdoms, broken alliances, created empires; it has been invaded and has invaded other cultures in turn.
With its rugged topography, Spain is one of the most mountainous countries in Europe.
Spain has a long and diverse history. So, are you ready to journey through the country's storied past through its sites?
Although basketball may not be the most widely played sport in Spain, it is hugely popular among its fans.
Cycling is the most widely practised sport in Spain. From asphalt to mountains, from enjoying the sport with fellow cycling club members to pedalling alone.


Bullfights are one of the most deeply rooted traditions in Spanish culture, documented as far back as 1200 CE; however, their continuing presence has grown somewhat controversial.


Although Spain is mostly thought of as a tropical wonderland, with its numerous mountain ranges, the country also has several popular ski resorts.
The origin of Basque Pelota and Valencian Pilota is hard to determine. Both games are known to have been played by civilisations in South America, Ancient Greece and the Far East.
Religious Sites

Mosques in Spain

In the Middle Ages, Spain was ruled by the Moors. These Berber and Arab peoples from North Africa brought their cultural and religious traditions with them.

Formula One

Since the turn of the century, Spanish Formula One racing drivers, such as Pedro de la Rosa Fernando Alonso Díaz, have awoken a real passion for the sport.

Roller Hockey

Spanish roller hockey teams have won no fewer than 17 world cups and showcase the sport at its best.
In Spain, tennis is inevitably associated with the country's leading player, Rafael Nadal. With 14 Grand Slam wins – including a record nine French Open titles – and two Olympic gold medals to his name, he is considered to be the best clay-court tennis player in history.