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There's (S)no(w) Place like Spain for a Perfect Winter Break

Although Spain is mostly thought of as a tropical wonderland, with its numerous mountain ranges, the country also has several popular ski resorts, the most famous of which is the Sierra Nevada Ski Station near the city of Granada. The resort hosts all kinds of snow-related events, from international championships to leisure activities.

The Valle de Astún and Candanchú ski resorts near Jaca in the Aragonese Pyrenees also offer excellent skiing, with 88 kilometres of slopes and almost 50 kilometres of cross-country skiing trails.  The altitude guarantees snow all winter. The picturesque landscape and villages in the region are also worth visiting outside of the skiing season.

Between them, the 16 ski resorts in Catalonia offer 700 kilometres of slopes. The Baqueira-Beret ski resort in the heart of the Pyrenees has the largest skiable area in Spain. Port del Comte in the foothills of the Pyrenees is a small ski resort just 140 kilometres from Barcelona, while La Molina and Vall de Núria are a similar distance away and are easily accessible by train.

Whichever part of Spain you visit, you'll never be too far from a place to ski, often in glorious sunshine. Still, be sure to check snow forecasts – or whether your intended destination is equipped with snow cannons – before you travel. What's more, where possible, it is also advisable to book skis, passes, classes and ski lifts in advance to avoid queues and ensure you won't be disappointed. Also, remember that slopes are likely to be less crowded on weekdays.

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