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Roller Hockey

Spanish roller hockey teams have won no fewer than 17 world cups and showcase the sport at its best. Derived from ice hockey, roller hockey failed to join its ice-based counterpart as an Olympic sport.  Still, it is played in many countries, primarily in Europe. This niche popularity applies in particular to Spain as Catalonia's dominance in the sport sparked increasing interest throughout the country.

There are two forms of roller hockey: traditional and inline. Traditional roller hockey is played with quad skates while inline roller hockey is a variation played with inline skates. However, both use the same protective gear, hockey sticks and puck.

The World Roller Games hosted by Barcelona in 2019 will include roller hockey. It might be a minority sport, but it is covered by the media and played by a large number of hockey lovers, and the Spanish roller hockey league (OK Liga) is considered to be one of the best in the world.

Barcelona and the Catalonia region are also arguably the best place to sample the sport, whether you want to play it or watch a match. FC Barcelona are by far the country's most successful roller hockey team, having won the league dozens of times and captured numerous European trophies. They play their home games at the city's Palau Blaugrana and tickets are readily available on the club website, whereas it may be necessary to contact clubs or use other platforms to get tickets for other teams.

Barcelona also has amateur and youth teams, such as the Barcelona Tsunamis, while the sport is taught at the city's Escola Oficial Patinatge (Official Skating School).