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Top 5 Luxurious and Extravagant Dining in Valencia

1. RiFF Restaurant

RiFF Restaurant serves gastronomy by Bernd Knöller, a Michelin-star chef. The simple but elegant dining room projects an intimate atmosphere fostered by well-spaced, large tables. The wine and food menus are short, yet they hit the mark perfectly, featuring novel dishes crafted from top-quality local produce.


2. Contrapunto Les Arts

In an aesthetically contemporary environment as approved by the Valencia Center of the Arts and Sciences, you'll find the magnificent Contrapunto Les Arts restaurant, serving quintessential Mediterranean fare with touches of international cuisine.


3. La Salita

Chef Begoña Rodrigo delights us with La Salita restaurant, which serves Mediterranean-fused cooking washed down with wines from Valencia.


4. Ricard Camerena

Holding the distinction of being awarded a Michelin star, Ricard Camerena serves creative food in a genteel environment.


5. El Poblet

El Poblet is an excellent choice of restaurant in Valencia, serving mainly Mediterranean food, as well as some gluten-free options. There are tasting menus on specific themes, and the soft, pleasantly-lit setting is perfectly conducive to an enjoyable meal, just a short distance from the Plaza de Toros.