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Must See Sites in Valencia

Valencia is home to over 40 museums, showcasing everything from Concha Piquer to Silence (in the General Cemetery).


Regardless of whether people travel to Valencia for the Holy Grail or its beaches, there would definitely accommodations that suit your needs. Options range from extravagant hotels featuring world-class spas to minimalistic guesthouses perfect for young adventurers.
When travelling to Valencia, remember to stay in the most luxurious hotels or accomdations where you can recharge with a spa treatment in extravagance.
When travelling to Valencia, you can be frugal but still get a hotel with private terraces overlooking the city centre with mid-range and affordable options.
When travelling to Valencia, save money by staying in budget hostels and accommodations including minimalistic guesthouses in the heart of the city.


Shopping in Valencia is a true joy, with everything from luxurious paintings and figurines to unexpectedly cheap handmade gifts and rare books available.
Top 5 Luxurious and Extravagant Shopping in Valencia
Top 5 Mid-range and Affordable Shopping in Valencia
Top 5 Budget and Economic Shopping in Valencia


From paellas to Spanish snacks, or even luxurious delicacies that are as much a pleasure to look at as to eat, Valencia abounds with options for foodies.
When travelling in Valencia, remember to dine luxuriously on beautifully presented delicacies that offers both visual and gastronomical enjoyment.
When travelling in Valencia, you can be frugal but still get quality paellas, succulent grilled meat and creamy orange flans at affordable restaurants.
When travelling in Valencia, save money by dining at the abundance of inexpensive restaurants offering enticing cuisine such as authentic Spanish snacks.

Entertainment & Activities

Valencia is a city where different societies have blended together, making it one of Spain’s greatest symbols of cultural richness.