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Toledo, a historical adventure

Walks through Toledo are reminiscent of a time machine, taking one into the past. Yet, travellers to this city go beyond only those who are interested in culture and history. Even the more active and modern would be attracted to the city’s many activities. And if you like both, then Toledo is the place to go.

For fun theme guide tours of the city, check out the Rutas de Toledo company. If you are visiting with children, though, don't forget Toledo Time Capsule!  They organise routes with shows and special activities for families with children.

If tours are not your thing, the best thing to do is to spend at least two days in Toledo; that way, you can get to know the city at night and immerse yourself in its mysteries and legends by exploring the cobbled streets. A peaceful hour-long walk from the Alcázar to the Ermita del Valle allows you to explore the neighbourhood of La Judería and cross the San Martín Bridge. It’s a great way to discover the city and admire views over the city, and this is especially the case if you go as night falls.  And don't forget to enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of the city from the Mirador del Valle viewpoint!

However, walking tours are not for everybody. Thankfully, an 8 or 15 km route by bicycle along the Tagus River is also an enticing trip as it takes you past many different tourist attractions, including the Mirador del Valle, the Ermita del Valle or the bridges of San Martín and Alcántara. When it’s time to top up your energy, you can eat in one of the cigarrales that you’ll find along the way. If you like to get active, Anticiclón will take you on an adventure route on zip wires, quads and kayaks.

With the city explored,  it's worth setting aside an afternoon or a day to visit some nearby towns.  And remember, you don't necessarily have to be travelling by car; public transport works too. El Toboso on Toledo's outskirts, with the Dulcinea House-Museum, or Consuegra, with its windmills, will make you feel like you’re reliving the adventures of Don Quijote from the classic Spanish novel.