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Must See Sites in Toledo

When arriving in Toledo, you will be immediately greeted by its history: the Puente de San Martín, a bridge dating from the 13th century which displays a Mozarabic style.


Tourist accommodation is ubiquitous in Toledo, regardless of whether you prefer living in hotels with superb locations and amenities or rustic and cosy B&Bs.
When travelling to Toledo, remember to stay in the most luxurious and extravagant monument hotels that features stunning architecture with a modern twist.
When travelling to Toledo, you can affordably get quality mid-range hotels conveniently located in the city centre with an unrivalled view. Check it out!
When travelling to Toledo, save money by staying in the cosy and welcoming hostels in electric neighbourhoods, perfect for tourists keen on making new friends.


If you enjoy shopping spree, you will love Toledo, a city with a wide choice of shops from designer labels to exquisite boutiques and local food stalls.
Top 5 Luxurious and Extravagant Shopping in Toledo
Top 5 Mid-range and Affordable Shopping in Toledo
Top 5 Budget and Economic Shopping in Toledo


There is an inexhaustible list of delicacies to try when visiting Toledo, from flavourful tapas, aromatic coffee to quintessential Mediterranean cuisine.
When travelling in Toledo, remember to dine in luxurious restaurants with offerings of culinary delights crafted from local organic produce.
When travelling in Toledo, you can get innovative vegetarian dishes and scrumptious Mediterranean cuisine at mid-range and affordable restaurants.
When travelling in Toledo, save money by opting for budget restaurants over the award-winning restaurants; the budget tapas and coffees are also amazing!

Entertainment & Activities

Walks through Toledo are reminiscent of a time machine, taking one into the past.