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Seville is for everybody

It is easy to enjoy Seville — simply move along its streets!  The Alameda de Hércules is a good example.  As the oldest public park in Europe, you can experience the many activities held at the Casa de las Sirenas during the day, or enjoy the drinking and partying at night.

If you'd prefer not to have to walk, however, a guided bicycle or Segway tour through the most symbolic places in the city may be the better option.  With the ultra-typical Sevillian neighbourhoods like Triana and Santa Cruz, Cyclotour offers a great tour with special guides for families. Also, the tour starts at María Luisa Park, where you can take some time to enjoy the Plaza España.

For those interested in arts and crafts, Seville is renowned for its ceramic and tiles.  Not only can you admire them on houses, in handicrafts or even as pavement, you can also visit the Ceramic Museum (Tuesday to Saturday), a free must-see for those interested in learning more about the tourist attractions. It’s a short trip and the neighbourhood, Triana, offers plenty of opportunities to stop off for cocktails, kebabs or try out family restaurants like Victoria 8.

For traditional local culture in Seville, you cannot avoid the physical art form of flamenco.  At any bar or street corner, guitars strumming beats, clapping, and foot stomping can start at any time. To be sure you don't miss out, schedule a visit to the Flamenco Dance Museum. They offer daily performances appreciated by both experts and tourists alike. And for an immersive flamenco-flavoured stay, you can schedule your visit to coincide with the April Festival.

And when visiting Seville, you cannot miss the Metropol Parasol, one of the world's largest wooden structures.  The mushroom-shaped complex has over 40 different booths, offering everything from fruit to jewellery and clothing. Regina Street, and its many small shops, also starts here. And remember, personal shopper services are available for those wanting to explore the city's numerous stores but are perhaps short on time!

Finally, a beautiful way to say good-bye to Seville is through a walk down Betis Street along the Guadalquivir river. To accentuate this, also get a cruise down the river; one of the boat stops is right outside the Concha Barral, a shop where you can buy original souvenirs.

Top 5

  1. Cyclotour a bicycle or Segway tour through the most symbolic places in the city. Calle Tomás Ibarra 8, Sevilla. 955321721.
  2. Isla mágica is a theme park that has many attractions, an artificial beach and a water park. Isla de la Cartuja, Avenida de los Descubrimientos, 41092 Sevilla 902161716
  3. Feria street market. Dating back to the 17th century, it is considered the oldest and most traditional market in Seville. Next to the Omium Santorum church.
  4. Bull running is a big part of Spanish culture and Seville is the best city to see this spectacle. The Maestranza Plaza de Toros, from March to September.
  5. The best Flamenco Show in the city can be seen in the luxurious Andaluz Palace, María Auxiliadora Avenue, 18 B Seville.