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Must See Sites in Seville

Like other Spanish cities, Seville comprises many different cultures and contemporary religions. This blend of culture is perhaps the root of the city's inexplicable charm.


From stylishly renovated monument hotels to comfortable and hospitable hostels, Seville abounds with accommodations catered to tourists with different budgets.
When travelling to Seville, remember to stay in either the cosmopolitan hotels with five-star facilities or opulent hotels housed in historical palaces.
When travelling to Seville, you can get quality with mid-range and affordable hotels. Not only do they abound, they are also spacious and well-furnished.
When travelling to Seville, save money by staying in budget hostels or guesthouses. They are comfortable and welcoming, giving you a feeling of home.


In Seville, shoppers are spoilt for choice between huge shopping centres, souvenir shops, and traditional street markets where quality goods are available.
Top 5 Luxurious and Extravagant Shopping in Seville
Top 5 Mid-range and Affordable Shopping in Seville
Top 5 Budget and Economic Shopping in Seville


Seville is a paradise for food lovers, with plenty of award-winning restaurants and local markets serving delicacies crafted from locally sourced food.
When travelling in Seville, remember to try the luxurious restaurants! There you can savour the local Andalusian cuisine in a genteel environment.
When travelling in Seville, you can go to great mid-range bars and cafeterias and enjoy the sprinkled appetisers that are popular among the Sevillians.
When travelling in Seville, save money by inexpensively dining on quintessential tapas, delectable cakes and freshly brewed coffee at budget restaurants.

Entertainment & Activities

It is easy to enjoy Seville — simply move along its streets!