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Top 5 Budget and Economic Shopping in Granada

1. La Alcaicería de Granada

La Alcaicería de Granada is the place to shop for souvenirs in Granada, like the popular Fajalauza ceramics of Moorish origin. It features original, distinctive colours and decorations.


2. Abuela Ili Chocolate

Abuela Ili Chocolate is the first hand-made chocolate shop in Andalusia. It offers an extensive variety of chocolates including delectable, original flavours.


3. Mercadillo Plaza Larga

Mercadillo Plaza Larga is a small but charming market with a little bit of everything from clothes to flowers and fruits. Tired shoppers can rest on benches and terraces in the market. Every Wednesday morning, La Chana street market is a great place to buy flowers, fruits and apparel. You'll find this street market on the Paseo Rector Antonio Gallego Morel. And in one of the most famous neighbourhoods, Zaidín, wide open street markets are organised every Saturday where you can shop for accessories, apparel and footwear. This street market goes along the Bulevar de Torre de la Pólvora.


  • Plaza Larga, Granada

4. Artesanías Medina

There are various franchises specialising in all sorts of souvenirs, but this shop is relatively more affordable than others in the city.


5. Central Open air shopping

Central Open air shopping in Granada is centrally located. There are good brand stores and enjoyable events laid on with live music.