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Granada all year round

Before visiting Granada, it is worth first deciding what you would like to see, do and eat since many activities are to be enjoyed only in certain seasons.

During winter, you can enjoy a unique skiing vacation with over 100 kilometres of ski slopes around the Sierra Nevada. The ski resort is not only conveniently located, being only 30 km from the city, it also affords skiers a fantastic view of the city. If you are not interested in winter sports, the areas surrounding Granada are also ideal for a multitude of adventure and outdoor activities.

Another thing to remember is the Arabic heritage in Granada. Once you tire from the sports, there is nothing better than the Al-Andalus bath, the oldest Arabic bath in Granada. Thanks to its beautiful tranquillity and decor, this oasis is a luxury anyone would enjoy. Another option would be a tour of the Muslim neighbourhood of Alcaicería; an excellent way to round off a day of sports or festivities is to sip on their aromatic Arabic tea in one of the many tea shops.

If neither mountain air nor exotic experiences are for you, an urban experience in the Sacromonte is always enjoyable. However, travellers be warned: heading up its steep streets could easily be classified as hiking! With Granada having become a multicultural melting pot over the centuries, checking out the emblematic streets of this neighbourhood is a precious experience. Not only are the views of the Alhambra spectacular, but the restaurants and bars in the neighbourhood offer live Spanish flamenco dance performances.

But speaking of restaurants and bars, who can forget tapas in Granada? Small sandwiches and platters accompanied by a good wine is one experience that must not be missed. Granada is one of the few Spanish cities that still preserves the tradition of offering complimentary tapas with the purchase of wine (or other beverage). Now a piece of advice: to truly enjoy the best tapas experience, you need to wander through the streets sampling one tapa here, another there, moving through the bars and streets and taking in the most authentic flavour of tapas culture.

Top 5

  1. You need several hours to visit the Alhambra properly, so remember not to pack too many activities into one day.
  2. Given the slogan "a unique way to get to know Granada", bikes are a must-try in the city. So check out the latest generation electric bikes for a splendid outdoor activity.
  3. If you’re not afraid of heights, how about a hot air balloon ride? Discover the region in an exciting way and enjoy an experience that you will never forget. 958 290 316 Granada
  4. The Al-Andalus bath, the oldest Arabic bath in Granada, is a beautifully decorated place where you can relax and enjoy a pleasant day off. Hammam Al Andalus C/ Santa Ana, 16.
  5. The San Juan de Dios Basilica is utterly beautiful and well worth a visit. Many travellers even believe the beauty here surpasses that of the Granada Cathedral. San Juan de Dios Street, 23.