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Top 5 Luxurious and Grand Accommodations in Barcelona

1. Hotel W (Sail Hotel) *****

A unique beachfront hotel, the 5* Hotel W sells itself on its exclusivity and breath-taking views.


2. Omm Hotel *****

A stay at the Omm Hotel is a truly unforgettable experience as its proximity to the Sagrada Familia means you can enjoy the cathedral's atmosphere as you enjoy live music near the pool at the hotel.


3. Casa Fuster Hotel *****

Casa Fuster is a luxurious, modernist hotel located in a historic building in the heart of the city.


4. Neri Hotel *****

A charming hotel housed in an 18th Century building, the Neri Hotel boasts a library, terrace and events in the "barri gòtic" (Gothic Neighbourhood). In January , 2016 it was awarded the "Monument Hotel" category by the “Gremio de Hoteles de Barcelona” (Barcelona Board of Hotels).


5. Mandarin Oriental Hotel *****

This hotel has a 660 m2 diagonal garden and combines modern design with elegance. Remember not to miss the spectacular views of the hotel's garden and the heart of Barcelona.